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11th July, 2001

I finally managed to meet the band at the HITS in Morecambe; although with GBH playing in the background it was pretty hard to hear anything. Needless to say, 999 were the best band there, great sound, and they even played one of my favourites - 'Really Like You' from the Takeover album - excellent !!!!!. Arturo stayed for the weekend; he played on the Sunday with The Lurkers, so I also got have a pint with him (or was it 10 ?).

Also got loads of emails from the USA where they went down pretty well - I'll get the pics and any reviews online as soon as possible.

The gigs page has been updated to reflect the changes to the upcoming UK tour in September. They'll be playing the Holidays In The Smoke in London in November and there's also a 25th Anniversary Show at the Underworld in Camden, London on the 8th December - definitely not a  gig to miss !!!!!!!!

30th June, 2001

Well the band made it to the USA - just got an email from Ron in California to say that they arrived on Friday. The gigs kick off today in Costa Mesa (jeez, I wish I were there) followed by more shows tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, then it's back to the UK for the 'Holidays in the Sun' festival in Morecambe - not quite Venice beach, but it will do as long as we get to see them play.

If anyone sees me there, say hello !!!  I'll be wearing my custom 999 t-shirt with the 'live at the cuckoo's nest' piccie on the front !

I should have some pics from the US and Morecambe gigs and probably some reviews soon, so bookmark this page !

20th May, 2001

Just a couple of gig updates. Apparently the gig in Nottingham on the 19th May was cancelled and the venue for the gig on the 6th June is at Liberty's in Sunderland. I've also posted the dates for the gigs in the USA.

24th April, 2001

By now most you will have heard of the untimely death of Joey Ramone last week. The Ramones were probably the loudest band I ever heard - music will never be same (or as fast!).

Well the gigs in Brazil were cancelled, but Arturo tells me there's a chance they might be over there in August to do some dates. For those of us who won't be travelling to Brazil - there's a new set of dates in the UK so check out the gigs page for more details. I'm gonna try and get to as many as i can - already got my 'Holidays in the Sun' ticket !  If you see me, say hello (i'll be the 40 year old geezer pogoing at the front - well maybe for the first song).

26th February, 2001

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I finally split the photos page into 2 separate pages - a black & white photo page and a colour photo page. I've also moved all news items from before 1st January 2001 to a new archive page. Click on the link above for more details.

7th February, 2001

Looks like it's gonna be a good year for 999, starting with the news of a new live CD called English Wipeout. Click here for the official press release from Overground records. The music is excellent as always (thanks to John at Overground for the copy) and is taken from 2 gigs - Leicester University 2/2/80 and Manchester Electric Circus 28/8/77. I'll post more details as soon as I get the CD cover scanned.

On the 5th March, 999 start a week long run of gigs in Brazil; anyone fancy getting a coach trip together ? and later will be appearing at the Minehead Punk festival followed by the Morecambe 'Holidays in the sun' punk festival and hopefully a tour of the UK later in the year.

I've got a load of pictures I need to add to the site as well as new links etc. thanks to all the contributions from fans around the world, especially Andy. 



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