English Wipeout
Cat. No. Over 90VP CD
Release date: 12th March 2001

In 2001, 999 will celebrate their 25th anniversary. No other punk band has survived for so long and can claim three original members amongst their current line-up!

The reason for their longevity is not airplay, massive publicity, hype or even a major recording deal, but word of mouth.

This year will see plenty more 999 activity, with tours of USA, Brazil, Germany and the UK, new material and a special 25th anniversary CD.

To start the year, 999 and Overground have decided to issue one CD with two live gigs featuring material drawn from their two most popular albums. 'The Biggest Prize In Sport' and their self titled debut. the 1977 Manchester show is of particular interest as it features the previously unreleased 'Jam Me Up' and a very different version of their classic single 'Emergency'

A Brief History

999 were conceived in late 1976 by Nick Cash (vocals/guitar) and Guy Days (guitar/vocals) who teamed up with Jon Watson (bass) and Pablo Labritain 9drums). their first gig was January 1977 and constant gigging brought with it critical acclaim and a hard-core following who called themselves 'The Crew'. the band released their own single 'I'm Alive' on Labritain Records and it did well enough to become a minor hit and earn them a contract with United Artists. 'Nasty Nasty' and 'Emergency' scaled into the lower regions of the charts and 'Homicide' made the Top 40 despite being banned by radio!

Early 1979 saw 99 tour the USA, an achievement in itself as they were still without a USA record deal at the time! The response was ecstatic and a deal with Polydor sealed.

After two albums 999 left United Artists, recorded a further 10 albums and to date have completed 13 USA tours, 87 London gigs, 26 UK tours and 19 European tours. An impressive tally from one of the most outstanding bands of their generation.

Track Listing

Leicester 1979
Brent Cross/Let's Face It/Hit Me/English Wipeout/Stranger In A Strange Land/Feelin' Alright With The Crew/Boys In The Gang/Me & My Desire/The Biggest Prize In Sport/Titanic Reaction/Trouble/Emergency/Homicide/Nasty Nasty/Hollywood

Manchester 1977
Nasty Nasty/Pick It Up/Hit Me/Quite Disappointing/Jam Me Up/My Street Stinks/Emergency/I'm Alive/No Pity/Chicane Destination/Nobody Knows/I'm Alive

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