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This page contains an archive of all news items from before 1st January 2001.

28th December, 2000

Back in dear old blighty for xmas. Back to the cold weather, warm beer and 11 o' clock closing time down at the local boozer (some things never change).

So what's new ? Well there's an excellent review of the Middlesbrough gig last month from our good friend and fellow crew member Stephen Harland (I need to revamp this site and add a few more topics - gig reviews being the first, me thinks). I also aquired a copy of The Biggest Tour In Sport 12 inch EP whilst in the USA - not heard it yet, but i'll let you know as soon as I do.

Well that's it for this year. Let's hope there's some new music and lots more gigs from 999 next year. Stay tuned !

Great news - the first 2 albums, 999 and Separates have been re-released on CD. Both CD's include additional tracks not on the original albums; 999 includes the additional tracks 'Quite Disappointing', 'Nasty Nasty' and 'My Street Stinks', whilst Separates includes the additional tracks 'You Can't Buy Me', 'Soldier', 'Waiting' and 'Action'.


 Buy it here !

 Buy it here !

28th October, 2000

Not much to report apart from the a gig next month in Middlesborough, details on the  gigs page.

I'm getting lots of emails from punk bands wanting to cover 999 songs, so if anyone has any lyrics or chords to any of the songs (especially Slam, nasty nasty and your number is my number) then send them in and i'll post them on the lyrics page.

9th July, 2000

Well it's been a long time since I posted anything new on the site, apologies all round. I still haven't managed to relocate the site, so I've had to resort to dialing in from 5,500 miles away in Phoenix (can't wait to see the phone bill) in order to update the site. Anyway, good news is that there is a new UK tour starting on the 23rd July in Morecambe, so check out the gigs page for more details - get your arse down there and give them your support (mention this web site to the band if you get the chance).

There was to have been 2 'Holidays in the Sun' weekends in Morecambe, but i've just heard that the second weekend has been cancelled (999 were to play on the 29th July), check out for more details.

Some bad new regarding the previously mentioned 999 live CD (check out the news 1st September, 1999 below). Arturo tells me that the CD will not be released after all. Apparently there was a problem with the recording and the sound quality wasn't good enough for release. Let's hope they record another gig and get some new 999 live music out ASAP (some new studio stuff would be much appreciated too).

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me in the last couple of months, especially the guy from Pointy Boss who sent me some stuff for the site. I should have it posted in the next couple of weeks.

17th April 2000

Back from the states and not much to report. Big apologies go out to Pointy Boss for not mentioning their support of 999 at the Nottingham gig on the 8th February. Do me a favour and check out their web site at

Unfortunately I cannot update the site whilst on my travels so I'm gonna be looking for another place to dump the site so that I can update anywhere in the world !

Apparently 999 will be playing at the 'Holidays in the Sun' punk festival in Morecambe on 23rd July, the line up for this years festival is as follows,

Friday 21st July (4pm - 2am) - Agnostic Front, Subhumans, UK Subs, The Drones, Vibrators, Splodgenessabounds, Goober Patrol, Assert, Sic Boy Federation

Saturday 22nd July (noon - 2am) - Slaughter & The Dogs, Anti Nowhere League, Broken Bones, Special Duties, Varukers, Vicious Rumours, The Stiffs, Major Accident, Jakkpot, Resistance 77, Funeral Dress, Instant Agony, Black Market Clash

Sunday 23rd July (noon - 11pm) - The Business, The Templars, Angelic Upstarts, 999, The Warriors, Bombshell Rocks, Voice Of A Generation, Guitar Gangsters, Gundog

Check out for more details.

Last, but not least, the sad news of the death of Ian Dury this month.

6th January 2000

Off to Phoenix, Arizona USA in the sun to do some flying, boozing and whatever takes my fancy. Bye for now.

26th December 1999

Added the sleeve notes to the "Separates", "You Us It", "Live at the Nashville", "Dancing in the Wrong Shoes" and "Slam" album pages and done some tidying up.

Also, John Connolly informs me that the currently unavailable first and second albums are going to be re-released next year.

22nd November 1999

It's official; the site that is. This is now the official 999 web site. So there should be even more info - gigs, the live CD etc. - in the near future.

18th November 1999

Added new list of forthcoming gig dates

14th November 1999

Updated most of the site, especially the the Singles and Album pages (notably The Biggest Prize In Sport and The Albion Punk Years)

11th November 1999

Well it's been 2 months since I updated anything on the site due to my being away working in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. But now that i'm back I should be able to work on the site over the next few week - adding lyrics, album covers (have just bought Slam, Seperates and 999 the Albion Punk Years on CD), single covers (thanks to Billy for the cover pics).

I haven't heard any more about the live CD (see below) but i'm hoping to contact the band soon.

Unfortunately there were a few gigs in Scotland that I didn't get chance to post onto the site - but I should have some reviews soon.

1st September 1999

This snippet appeared in my local paper,

Nice Little Number

PUNK band 999 will charge punters 9.99 to get into their gig in Lincoln on the ninth of the ninth month 1999 - and will release 999 CD's of it for the same price. Bass player Arturo Brassick said: "We aim to make it our best performance ever."



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