The Biggest Prize In Sport

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Released Format Label Catalog No.
1979 LP Albion Records  
1995 CD Anagram Records CD PUNK 67


Who plays what

Nick Cash Vocals, Guitar
Guy Days Guitar, Vocals
Ed Case (See notes) Drums
Jon Watson Bass


Track Written by:
Boys In The Gang Cash/Days
Inside Out Cash/Days
Trouble Cash/Days
So Long Cash/Days
Fun Thing Cash/Days
The Biggest Prize In Sport Cash/Days/Watson
Hollywood Cash/Days
Stranger Cash/Days
Stop! Stop! Cash/Days
English Wipeout Cash/Days
Shake Cash/Days                    
Boiler Cash/Days/Labritain/Watson

Additional tracks on the Anagram CD:

Made A Fool Of You Watson
Found Out Too Late Cash/Days
Lie Lie Lie Cash/Days

Total Time 56 Minutes 37 Seconds


The following notes were taken from the liner notes inside the Anagram CD (reproduced here with absolutely no permission whatsoever)

Boys In the Gang

Good old Ed Case thumpin' the tubs for the first time 'cos poor Pablo broke his arm. Ed was only 17 and driving vans for a living. He did his first gig with us in Germany without a rehearsal 'coz he was in the Southall Crew (our boys and girls) anf knew all the songs by heart. His first gig was at the S.O.36 club in Berlin in front of 2,000 people. He played great and when I told the audience he was only 17 and joined yesterday with no rehearsal they clapped and cheared him for about 10 minutes solid. He never went back to driving vans again.

Inside Out

Life on the street in 1980 feeling a bit paranoid and screwed up etc. Did the community care? Who wasn't inside out?


Saturday night, you're out, the band's playing, anything could happen and it usually did. 'Always looking over yer shoulder' to this shankin', skatellite, sound.

So Long

Guy waiting for his train.

Fun Thing

Guy having fun - Jon and I hopping in unison across the stage together!

Biggest Prize In Sport

Well you can't help it if you wake up in the morning with a hard on can you? Trust them to take the title literally and use it as the theme music for the International Windsurf Championships.


Our first trip to Hollywood, USA - a New Wave Judith Chalmers holiday whistle stop tour which blew a few illusions.


An existential 999 - eh what! 999

Stop! Stop!


English Wipeout

Most Top Rank establishments throughout the country were completely trashed after the gigs and the managers found out that 999 and it's audience were absolutely nothing like the Rubettes and their audience.


Shakin' all over.


Ode to transsexual shemales in Detroit

Made A Fool Of You

Penned by Jon 'The Nail' Watson, a good bloke to have in a tight spot. He once save dour bacon at the Lafayette Club, Wolverhamption, by fearlessly putting himself and his bass between between us and an audience intent on beating the shit out of us.

Found Out Too Late

Recorded overnight between bouts of mammoth world touring.

Lie Lie Lie

What can I say. Some people do and some people don't. Guy and I wrote this after a good session in a pub in Streatham.



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