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Released Format Label Catalog No.
1978(Oct) LP United Artists 30209
1994 CD Dojo DOJO150
1994 CD New Rose Blues 4027
2000 CD Captain Oi AHOYCD148
2003 New ! CD EMI 5841232


Who Plays What

Nick Cash Guitar, vocals
Guy Days Guitar, vocals
Pablo Labritain Drums
Jon Watson Bass, Backing vocals




Homicide Cash/Days
Tulse Hill Night Cash/Days
Rael Rean Cash/Days
Let's Face It Cash/Days
Crime (Part 1) Cash/Arthurs
Crime (Part 2) Watson/Labritain/Cash/Days
Feelin' Alright With The Crew Cash/Days
Out Of Reach Cash/Watson
Subterfuge Cash/Days
Wolf Cash/Days
Brightest View Cash/Days
High Energy Plan Cash/Arthurs/Chambon

Additional tracks on the new Captain Oi release
You Can't Buy Me Cash/Days
Soldier Cash/Days
Waiting Cash/Days
Action Cash/Days

Total Time 38 Minutes 55 Seconds (plus an additional 11 minutes 44 seconds on the new Captain Oi release)

All songs published by Complete Music Ltd.

Produced by Martin Rushent.


2003: This has been re-released by EMI as a double play CD with all the 999 album tracks.

Was also released in the USA as "High Energy Plan", albeit with a reordered track listing.

The following notes were taken from the liner notes inside the Dojo CD (reproduced here with absolutely no permission whatsoever)

"With four singles ("I'm Alive", "Nasty Nasty", "Emergency" and "Me And My Desire"), one hit LP (No. 53 April 1978) and a reputation as one of the best live bands around, the pressure on 999 to come up with something special for every release was immense. And they didn;t disappoint their growing legions of fans by releasing "Feelin' Alright With The Crew" as a single backed with "Titanic (My Over) Reaction" (from the first LP) and "You Can't Buy Me" (a previously un-issued out-take from the first LP sessions) as 999's followers were christened "The Crew" and the bond between band and fan were further cemented.

Martin Rushent, who'd already produced The Stranglers and The Buzzcocks and would later work with Generation X amongst others, had replaced Andy Arthurs as the band's producer and it was his influence that made 999's second album, "Separates", a lot harder and more accessible than their debut. This was probably most in evidence on the "Homicide"/"Soldier" single which, despite a total radio ban, gave 999 their first and biggest UK chart placing when it reached No. 40 in November 1978. However, a BBC technicians strike prevented the band appearing on "Top Of The Pops" though they did manage to get on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" with temporary drummer Ed Case who was standing in for the injured Pablo Labritain.

Despite United Artists mounting a massive promotional campaign to support "Separates" and releasing the first 10,000 copies with a voucher for aq free 12" single ("Waiting"/"Action") and with the band undertaking an extensive UK tour followed by dates in Norway, Sweden and Finland, "Separates" still failed to crack the charts it deserved to top. Even two full tours of Canada and America in early 1979 where "Separates" had been recompiled and titled "High Energy Plan", massive success eluded the band and they left United Artists in the summer of 1979, following the re-issue of "I'm Alive/"Quite Disappointing" as as single.

To this day 999 are still playing and pulling in new "crews" at every show; living proof that you can't keep a good band down, and of course still "Feelin' Alright With The Crew"

Mark Brennan

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